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Ip Man ~starring Donnie Yen.  Directed by Wilson Yip.  Released 2008.

Ok, so this is not the first Donnie Yen movie I’ve seen, but I will say that it is #2 of about 7 Donnie Yen movies that I have queued up on my Netflix account.  They are all queued up because Donnie Yen is the shizz when it comes to martial arts movies.  He’s apparently been around for a long time, but just hit the Movie Flame radar in 2013.  I am personally sorry to be so late to the party, but thrilled that modern technology has made so many of his films readily available to the latecomers like me.

Ip Man is an amazing film with a great plot, stellar martial arts choreography, and brilliant cinematography.  Early 20th century China in all its beauty, as well as the devastation of it all after Japanese invasion.  Watch it, just remember to close your mouth after each martial arts scene, because trust me, it will be hanging open in amazement at all the stunning skillz your eyeballs just witnessed on the screen.

Ip Man —> Recommended.


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